June 2001 ~ Aerin Young's Red Egg & Ginger Party
It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining bright so our Hawaiian shirts made the perfect outfit.  Aerin's red egg & ginger party was held at the Great Entertainer in San Francisco.  There were over 100 guests all trying to get a glimsp of Aerin.  She is one month younger than us and she has a cute curl on the top of her head. 
Aerin & her dad Allen
(and if you look closely, her mom Serena is in the background)
Matthew with mom & dad
(Uncle David took Ryan to check out the chicks)
elaine yee yee was visiting us from hong kong so she got to come to the party as well
2001 events
The day was filled with colors...billard balls that made lots of noise, pastel balloons floating in the air, culinary delights....red maguro, orange tobiko, white frosting on the cake, and the bright lipsticks on the ladies' smiles along with the joy everyone exerted.
check out Aerin's website