July was so much fun for us.  We got dressed up and went on a road trip to Pebble Beach to attend Elaine yee yee's wedding.  And at the end of it, we somehow have an uncle.  We like Uncle Ashley because he likes to play video games on daddy's Playstation 2.  And if we are lucky, we get to sneak in a peek of the action games.  Exciting!  Mommy bought us black dressy shoes.  They were so heavy that we couldn't  walk.  So we've decided to start with crawling first.  We will start practicing soon.  For now, we can sort of sit up on our own.  Don't we look smashing in our teddy bear ties and spunky vests....and of course, our heavy shoes?  In the photo, we are 7 1/2 months old.  Matthew is on the left and Ryan is on the right. 

July 2001 ~ Elaine yee yee & Uncle Ashley's Wedding Celebrations
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