december 2001 ~ xmas holiday on the east coast
2001 events
right after our frisco birthday party, we headed off to washington d.c. with mommy, daddy, cheung popo and phua popo.  grandpa was already there waiting for us.  little did we know, so were the rest of the phua family!  since we were jet lagged, it was so difficult to remember everyone's names.  so we took lots of photos to help us introduce them to you. 

it was very cold in the east coast.  despite the fuzzy fleece, thick down and cool hats, both of us caught a cold.  matthew refused to eat and he lost a bit of weight.  he also clinged onto mommy.  on the other hand, ryan suddenly became friendly with everyone.  he loves to laugh out loud and dance when he hears music. 

our visit to the east coast continued onto toronto to attend elaine yee yee and uncle ashley's wedding reception (the very last one).  toronoto was even colder than d.c.  but the warm hospitality of uncle gord and auntie susan was so comforting.  

cousin julia
family hug w/ auntie jennifer
uncle thay & auntie mary
christmas with the family
winter at the park
Candlelight dinner celebration
opening presents
ryan with uncle martin, papa's best friend