Matthew's Fun Jouney
Menerbes, France, London and Washington D.C. 
July 28 - Aug 1 2003
Train Station
The main house where we stayed - 11th century
Side view from our room
Dip in the pool
Dad & Matthew in the pool
Pool Change room
Playing hide and seek
Matthew & Zeke at the Tennis court in Menerbes
A try at badmitton
A little crokett
A little fruit snack in the afternoon
Sweet Kiss
Matthew was exploring the stairs
A wonderful hug
Eating Ice Cream
Waiting at the Train Station to go to London
Zeke, Tench, Matthew and their friends
Matthew on the Eurostar going to the Chunnel
Where am I
At Harrods in London
Matthew FIRST use of a chopstick
Stop over in DC to see Grandma and Grandpa