Father's Day Quote
"What is the best thing about being a Dad?"

There probably is no one "best" thing that can wrap up in one phrase for me about being a  Dad. The best thing about being a Dad is learning to be one. Just like many things we do or at least most of us, we aren't born with it... we don't have a light bulb that automatically turns on that gives the "knowledge". I don't remember when or how I became an "adult". Like everything we learn, it's a chance to experiment and learn from our challenges, mistakes and efforts. When you first embark on a new thing, you learn that effort put in is effort gained. This time as you learn, you, the kids, your spouse all are growing and learning from each other everyday. The thrill of a dad is seeing, shaping and creating something new together. Plus, being a Dad gives us Dads an excuse to be a "kid" :-)"

John Phua, Daddy to Ryan and Matthew
John's World
Ryan, John & Matthew ~ May 2001
John meeting William Hung.  Matthew calls him "Uncle Hung" and insisted on going to Tower Records to meet him.  Matthew bought his CD!